Graphic Design Services

Whether you are just starting out or looking to rebrand, we can help you design a seamless brand identity that captures the essence of your personalilty and your business.


Specializing in logo design, our graphic designer will work with you to create a compelling logo that you love.  Brand design includes a custom color palatte and will set the tone for all of your visual branding.


From there, we can help you design all the necessary marketing materials, including: business cards, letterhead, invoices, pricing sheets, brochures, signage, stickers, etc.

Company Branding Development

Print Services

Once you are happy with your designed materials, we send them to our printer who turns them into real things you can hold and show off to family, friends and customers.

Design for Web

We can turn your visual branding designs into banners, background photos, and user photos for all of your social media accounts and website!

Design Packages and Pricing

Package #1

Basic Branding Design - $300

Package #2

Full Branding Design - $500

Freelance Graphic Design Work - $75/hr

Logo design.  1 concept developed with 2 edits. Additional edits charged at hourly rate. Custom color palatte information provided along with JPEG, PDF and PNG files.

 Logo design, Business card design, and Letterhead design. 1 concept developed for each with 1 edits each. Additionaly edits charged at hourly rate.  Custom color palatte information provided. JPEG, PDF and PNG files provided for each. Does not include printing services. 

Need help setting up your social media accounts with background photos, user photos, etc?  How about custom invoices, pricing sheets or contracts?  Hire us for freelance graphic design work for anything you need. 

Varies depending on the project.  Prices quoted upon request.

Print Pricing

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